Our Culture

Golden Wave is committed to promoting the industrial revolution of CBD & Delta 8 oil as a world leader in the industry. We focus on investing through the whole industrial chain of industrial hemp. This includes outbreeding, planting, extraction, research and development, and production. We then drive sales in various global industries including biopharmaceuticals, food, health products, beauty, and cosmetics.

Our Mission

Promoting the industrial revolution of CBD’s medicinal value in the world.

Our Value

An industry, a lifetime career!

Where does CBD oil come from?

Cannabidiol is one of more than 100 unique “cannabinoid” compounds found in the oil resin of the cannabis plant. This sticky resin concentrates on dense clusters of hemp flowers, often called “buds,” which are covered with tiny mushroom-like clusters of scented hairs. This is where the magic happens. Fruccinus clusters are specialized glandular structures rich in oily medicinal compounds, including cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol and various aromatic terpenes.

Incumbency + Accomplishment

+ We love what we do
+ We always look for breakthroughs
+ We focus on unique techniques.

We are here to support you & solve your concerns.

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